Let your gaze reflect the splendor and majesty of the LION that walks beside you!

As women we are invited to live in the majesty and splendor of the LION’s presence. Jesus is the Lion of Judah who conquered death and gave us victory. His power and strength is transmitted unto us and we are entrusted to pass it on to our children. Imagine that! We are trusted with heaven’s splendor, majesty and strength. The LION trusts  the Lioness with his seed and his heirs. It is up to us to ensure HIS legacy is passed on to the next generation. We are to reflect his majesty and power as heirs to HIS kingdom. Yes, we are heirs to God’s kingdom! (Romans 8:17)

The gaze of the lioness reflects the strength and majesty of the LION that walks beside her. In this journey we will face challenges, thieves, dark valleys, and challenging winds but know that the LION walks beside us. Every lesser beast trembles in the presence of the LION. Although the attacks of the enemy may draw near you, your household, or  your children, fear not for the LION of JUDAH has overcome (Rev. 5:5). No weapon formed against you, your spouse, your children, and your destiny will prosper. (Isaiah 54:7). I am convinced there is no better place to raise our children and build our households than under the watchful eye of the LION (Psalm 127:7). Personally, I have had the devil at my heels (story for a later post) but I know that God allowed it only to show him he has overstepped into HIS territory and to remind him who is in charge of my story. Once the LION roars. the enemy flees. As for me, I choose to walk in the company of a LION! Jesus the LION of Judah!