Bouncing back! Just run through it!


As my 46th birthday came around, my body must have seen the “ALMOST 50” billboard on the horizon. I began to feel sluggish and numb. The sensation was unfamiliar and strange. “Maybe..oh my, maybe… you ARE getting old”, I told myself.  Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I was hit with severe allergies. They struck me like a tsunami wave and knocked me down instantly. After trips to the ER, junky stuff injected into my veins, and watching my body deform right before my eyes, I went into “Fear” mode. The medications didn’t help my senses and  weariness set in like a pile of bricks. That is when I decided to QUIT. Yes, I quit. I had enough. Walking around like a wax-faced zombie wasn’t going to cut it. Earlier this week, I did what I always do when fatigue shows up to the party. I ran. I put on my running shoes and ran. I told my husband and myself, that I was going to walk. Who was I kidding? The adrenaline rose and I shifted gears into R for “run”.

Of course, running in South Del Rio during allergy season is respiratory suicide for common folk, imagine what it does to those with allergies.  Nevertheless, I decided to run for it. Literally, run for it. My health, that is and it felt great! Today, I ran my full distance, passed my boundaries and pushed back the pain. Honestly, it was not my best run, but certainly not my worst. I have seen worse.

Like  I said  last night, when I preached, “Your faith can be measured by the distance between your comfort zone and the place where you stand.” The greater the distance, the greater your faith. I made it back through my front door, to GOD be the glory. As I tied my shoes, I told HIM, “YOU take me, HEAL me, and strengthen me.” God responded faithfully.

To the convoy of diesel trucks that drove past me this afternoon… (fist in the air) “You didn’t get me!!!”   I have never seen so many diesel trucks at one time. Perfect timing, though.

The New York city picture is inserted “just because”.   I miss my boys and I am currently fixated on New York pictures … Bear with me!

Keep running!

Osen de Leon

Always consult your doctor anytime you exert your body during or after an illness.