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This “mommy journey” does not get easier. You look and suddenly realize that diapers and playgroups were the easiest part about being a mom. Now, I have two boys studying out of state at a university and one little girl in High School. Ok, not so little, but little to me. Just like that, they leave your house and you hope everything they lived under your roof is strong enough to see them through their own journeys. The climb was not easy, nor was it smooth. But, here I am, still climbing, still dreaming, I’m not done. I feel like I’ve only just begun.

For generations, the devil has had a radical agenda against me and my generations. Responding to God’s grace and power, I stood up against the wiles of the enemy and fought back to take my inheritance as a daughter of God and to align my children in HIS divine plan. The battle has not been easy but every victory has been marked by GOD’s mighty hand. I refuse to raise my children passively and complacent. God did not take me out of the Egypt that was assigned to me just to leave me and my family in an “in between place”. I have decided to follow HIS voice and let HIM guide us into our destiny.

During an earthshaking shift in our family, the Lord spoke to me and said “Look at Jochebed, look closely at her faith. ” I had never even considered her story until now.

Jochebed was Moses’ mother. She raised her children in a horrific environment of slavery and abuse. Pharaoh ordered that every male baby must be killed in order to weaken the nation. Jochebed was radically aggressive and refused to surrender her child to the trends of the time. She strategically hid him while at the same time risking the life of the rest of the family. Jochebed was a woman who believed radical promises in the midst of hopelessness, she held God to His word and trusted Him with everything she had.  I believe God is seeking for a Jochebed amongst us. Radical, unshakable, intentional and aggressive are the precise characteristics God is seeking in us to conceive HIS divine plan within us for today.

I am convinced the story of Moses and Jochebed is not one to remain between the pages of the bible to be spoken in Sunday school. The felt figures we used in bible class need to come to life in us. It is time we activate this story in our culture, our society, and our time. I pray this blog will instigate a divine agenda for your family. May the stories that I share stir up conversations among us as mothers, sisters, friends, parents and children, spouses, and that it activate epicentres of prayer for our generation.

The last thing the enemy expected was for a slave to raise a child with purpose and destiny.

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