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He walks with you!

Our first trip to New York City was one of a kind. We had a list of things to see and we knocked off a good part of the list on that trip. By the end of the day, we picked up Halal Guys at the corner of our hotel in Manhattan and collapsed with exhaustion on the sofa. We were elated to be in New York City and the excitement of the day overtook us by nightfall.

On our second night, as I was dozing off, I saw my eight-year-old daughter and my husband putting on their coats and scarves after we had already turned in for the evening. It was after ten and very cold. “Where are you going”, I asked. My husband and my daughter answered simultaneously that they were going midnight ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

I confess I was very upset with my husband for bringing up this crazy idea. I protested and reminded him how cold it was and how dangerous it was to be walking the streets of the most dangerous city in the world at this hour. My rant went unheard and before I knew they were out the door.  Before he closed the door, though,  he said, “She’s with me, what can happen?” Then they were gone.

I sat in panic mode by my phone for the next two hours. So many horrible thoughts ran through my head. All of the bad movie scenes I had seen about New York City raced through my mind. I must have fallen asleep because I remember feeling my little girl snuggling up close to me. I was relieved they had come home safe.  Thing is, they did this for the following two nights and my protests were completely ignored.

I think back to how much I worried and I honestly feel embarrassed.  My husband said he would take care of our daughter and he did. He has always taken extra care of the kids. It wasn’t a question of whether he would take care of her. I didn’t doubt him, I feared the setting. I feared the unknown.  As I think back at this story, I can’t help but feel a little ashamed that I made such a big deal. I resisted their idea and ignored their joy.

My daughter has beautiful memories of midnight skating with her daddy at Rockefeller Center. How awesome is that? Every time they left, my voice was in the background speaking fear and limitations. It turned out that many tourists flock to the midnight skating. It was a fabulous experience. The monsters I imagined on the street? Maybe they were there maybe not. It doesn’t matter, Daddy was there.

It reminds me of God the father. He tends to do the same. He calls us to move and go forward into the darkness, at odd hours, offseason and into new experiences. We need to just follow and trust with the faith of a child. Take His hand and let Him guide you. There’s no need to fear. In the journey, he will prove that he is your father. He will keep you and bless you. He is your strength. Nothing from hell will prevail against you, HE is your father. He is a good, good father.  He’s got you. He’s got this. Take his hand and follow.

If HE is leading, you are safe.

❤️Osen de León

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11



2 thoughts on “He walks with you!”

  1. Osen,
    I love this story. I love your writing. I love your Spirit!! Keep it shining!! Thank you for sharing!

    Love to the 100 billionth power!!! Y que? Aggggghhhhhhhh 😍😘🙏


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