Dream Past the Storms

“Don’t calculate the size of your dreams by the circumstances and atmosphere you are in.” Teaching our children to pursue their dreams in spite of the obstacles is not an easy task. It is essential that they dream past the storms, push past the walls, climb over the obstacles. God’s plan over our children’s life is not dependent on how ideal we can line up the circumstances for HIM. God will not be deterred by crisis such as illness, divorce, poverty, rejection, nor abuse. As a matter of fact it is chaotic circumstances where God shows up and activates us into HIS plan. Moses was born in a slave camp with a death order over him. His parents were slaves and didn’t know any other way of life. Every male birthed in his time was murdered. Yet, Moses lived. God had whispered into the ear of woman to hide the child. God fulfilled the promise over Moses’ life. He was educated in the best schools on the planet at the expense of Pharaoh, he wrote the first five books of the bible and later liberated an entire nation. God will fulfill his plans over the lives of our children no matter how dark and chaotic it may appear to be today. When they ask “How will I know this is God’s plan  or mine?”, remember this~~~ If you can measure it, calculate it, fund it, and map it… then it’s you. If it’s unobtainable, beyond your resources, and no one around you has done it, then it is GOD!! Keep believing, remind our children that HE holds them in the palm of HIS hands. Keep pushing, the promises will come to be!

3 thoughts on “Dream Past the Storms”

    1. All things work together, Tina! Some things are not necessarily from God but we are graced and strengthened to endure it. The enemy’s agenda is overpowered. I will share my story with you.


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