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He walks with you!

Our first trip to New York City was one of a kind. We had a list of things to see and we knocked off a good part of the list on that trip. By the end of the day, we picked up Halal Guys at the corner of our hotel in Manhattan and collapsed with exhaustion on the sofa. We were elated to be in New York City and the excitement of the day overtook us by nightfall.

On our second night, as I was dozing off, I saw my eight-year-old daughter and my husband putting on their coats and scarves after we had already turned in for the evening. It was after ten and very cold. “Where are you going”, I asked. My husband and my daughter answered simultaneously that they were going midnight ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

I confess I was very upset with my husband for bringing up this crazy idea. I protested and reminded him how cold it was and how dangerous it was to be walking the streets of the most dangerous city in the world at this hour. My rant went unheard and before I knew they were out the door.  Before he closed the door, though,  he said, “She’s with me, what can happen?” Then they were gone.

I sat in panic mode by my phone for the next two hours. So many horrible thoughts ran through my head. All of the bad movie scenes I had seen about New York City raced through my mind. I must have fallen asleep because I remember feeling my little girl snuggling up close to me. I was relieved they had come home safe.  Thing is, they did this for the following two nights and my protests were completely ignored.

I think back to how much I worried and I honestly feel embarrassed.  My husband said he would take care of our daughter and he did. He has always taken extra care of the kids. It wasn’t a question of whether he would take care of her. I didn’t doubt him, I feared the setting. I feared the unknown.  As I think back at this story, I can’t help but feel a little ashamed that I made such a big deal. I resisted their idea and ignored their joy.

My daughter has beautiful memories of midnight skating with her daddy at Rockefeller Center. How awesome is that? Every time they left, my voice was in the background speaking fear and limitations. It turned out that many tourists flock to the midnight skating. It was a fabulous experience. The monsters I imagined on the street? Maybe they were there maybe not. It doesn’t matter, Daddy was there.

It reminds me of God the father. He tends to do the same. He calls us to move and go forward into the darkness, at odd hours, offseason and into new experiences. We need to just follow and trust with the faith of a child. Take His hand and let Him guide you. There’s no need to fear. In the journey, he will prove that he is your father. He will keep you and bless you. He is your strength. Nothing from hell will prevail against you, HE is your father. He is a good, good father.  He’s got you. He’s got this. Take his hand and follow.

If HE is leading, you are safe.

❤️Osen de León

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11



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Bridge Builders… These are the shoulders my generations stand on


There are those in our lives that become way makers, bridge builders, wall breakers, gate openers, and destiny markers. My grandfather Humberto is one on them. Born and raised in a small village in Mexico he came to the United States pursuing the hope of finding a job to feed and provide for his family. He climbed on the back of a pick-up truck with my grandmother and their children to head to “El Norte” in hopes of finding fields to work on. It is unthinkable the sacrifice they made as a family to pursue a better life. My grandparents dream was to come to the US to work, perhaps save a little and purchase a home, and hopefully the younger kids could go to school. They dreamed of a better life for the next generation. Simple but not easy.  My grandfather accomplished this task through hard work and determination. At the end of his years, his hands were calloused from hard work, his eyes were tired but still had a vision for his children and great grand-children, his feet were slow but determined to climb as long as there was life in him and his heart was weaker but still overflowed with love for his generations.

A few weeks before my oldest graduated from high school my grandfather sat up on his hospital bed. I brought my boys to him and told him they were going to study and work hard like him. He smiled from ear to ear. He blessed them. His eyes were filled with peace knowing poverty was now just a memory, hunger would visit no more, and the work fields would not trap the next generations. Crossing the border decades ago had proven to be worth it. For days, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren visited with him. He had touched and influenced so many lives. Two days later my grandfather crossed his last border. He crossed over into heaven.

Today, these boys will not be climbing in the back of a pickup truck, but they will be boarding a plane with laptops and backpacks. Dreams of “EL NORTE”fill their hearts. They dream that the soles of their feet will be treading the hallways of prestigious universities in the North East, they dream of crossing social borders, cultural borders, and stepping into  new dimensions. My grandfather left a legacy of being a “border crosser”… crossing over borders of poverty, illiteracy, social barriers, racism, and discrimination. He built bridges over these obstacles. These bridges were built with a dream in his heart, hard work, and determination. He wouldn’t  allow them to limit him nor his family. Let’s teach our children to not only cross over limitations but dissolve them once and for all for the sake of the generations that follow. Let us show them how to be bridge builders so others may follow. #hispanics #buildingamerica

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Una generación que sobrevive el ardiente sol!


Hace doce años empece a correr para mi salud y bien estar. A través de los años desarrolle un deleite en este ejercicio y me gusta correr a todas horas.  He sometido mi cuerpo a correr en diferente estaciones del año. En Texas correr en el verano puede ser insoportable y similar a un orno de fuego porque las temperaturas llegan muy altas. Hace algunos años tuve un impulso  de ir a correr en pleno julio cerca de las 11 de la mañana. No se porque. Para entonces, era cerca de 100 grados F o(37 grados C). Por alguna extraña razón, me atreví. No es necesario decir que el calor me golpeó sin misericordia . Que esperaba? Era una locura correr a esas horas. Juré que no volvería  hacerlo. Lo interesante es que al día siguiente tuve el impulso de hacerlo de nuevo. Claro que seria mas fácil correr temprano de mañana, pero algo me impulsaba hacer algo diferente. Antes de que me diera cuenta, me encontré siguiendo este impulso una semana entera. Mis amigos y familiares que se enteraron me advirtieron del riesgo que estaba tomando. Por supuesto que a mi también me daba temor. Cuando llegaba a casa me tardaba para recuperar mi cuerpo y mi mente.

En esos días, Dios habló y me dijo: “Te estoy entrenando a a través de estas corridas. Es preparación para los valles que se atraviesan en la vida. Lo que se puede conquistar en lo natural vas a vencer en lo espiritual”.

Hay ciertas partes en el camino que no hay sombra para reposar el cuerpo ni la mente durante los golpes fuertes del sol. Esos son las más duros, especialmente cuando se encuentran hacia el final del camino. Es difícil  disciplinar la mente . Yo sabía que el dolor en el cuerpo tenía que ser ignorado. No hay tiempo para darme el lujo de detenerme a descansar, era vital anular mis pensamientos de darme por vencida. Incluso aun cuando no alcanzaba  respirar  había que mantenerme en movimiento. Antes de que me diera cuenta , mi mente y mi cuerpo fueron entrenados para soportar el calor, para aguantar los golpes, y para seguir corriendo hacia a mi destino final.

Atrevidamente se me ocurrió invitar a mis hijos al mismo entrenamiento. Empecé con mis dos hijos mayores. Ellos se unieron conmigo en mi “corridas  infernales”. Antes de que se dieran cuenta, ellos también se estaban entrenando para algo mas profundo. La imagen que inserte en este articulo es un “callejón de fuego” actual, en la última parte de nuestro camino.

  1. Por lo general, tomamos unos segundos debajo de en un árbol para recuperar fuerzas antes de cruzar ese callejón. En esa sombra se aplica el Salmo 91 “El que habita al abrigo del AltísimoMorará bajo la sombra del Omnipotente.”No temerás, el te librara. El cruzar tiempos difíciles no depende de tus fuerzas sino las de El.
  2. Establecemos los ojos en el otro lado y arrancamos! “Extendiéndome a lo que está delante, prosigo hacia la meta para obtener el premio del supremo llamamiento de Dios en Cristo Jesús.” Fil. 3;14 “No te enfoques en el dolor”, les digo. “No te distraigas con las heridas, calla la voz interna que te dice que dejes de correr. Asegúrate de fijar to mirada hacia enfrente y cuidado con los tropiezos.                                

Con estos dos consejos aprendimos a correr en los desiertos. “Por nada del mundo te detengas en ese pedazo! Ignora tu mente que te dice que te rindas. Corre, Corre, sin detenerte y para cuando menos pienses ya llegaste al otro lado. Vas a darte cuenta que si puedes.” La distancia en la foto se ve corta, pero es la ultima parte de cuatro millas y el calor es intolerable. Cuando estas pie al pavimento se siente que este pedazo nunca termina.

“ Cuando pases por las aguas, yo estaré contigo; y si por los ríos, no te cubrirán. Cuando pases por el fuego, no te quemarás, ni la llama arderá en ti” Isaías 43: 2.

img_8415No acostumbro hacer esas carreras infernales muy seguido , pero sé que estoy capacitada para hacerlo. En cuanto a mis hijos, quiero que ellos sepan lo que se siente empujar a través del dolor, de ignorar las voces que les dicen que no pueden hacerlo, ignorar las distracciones, y que mantengan sus ojos en el blanco que es Jesús! Corran la carrera asignada. Ningún infierno podrá detenerlos cuando corren en el propósito de Dios. Y si tropiezan, sepan que EL los levantara y les dará fortaleza para seguir a su destino.

Sigan corriendo, Amigos! No se detengan!


Osen de León


Lo que se perdió cuando decidieron seguir sus sueños


Los estaba esperando en la esquina de la calle 48 y 6  cerca de Times Square. Parecía ser que acababan de cumplir unos de sus mayores deseos mientras estábamos visitando  la ciudad de Nueva York con mis padres hace seis años. Mis dos hijos acababan de pasar la tarde en esta zona histórica en la calle 48 rasgando guitarras y probando los teclados en las tiendas de música. A través de mi lente capte esta imagen sin darme cuenta que este momento marcaría nuestras vidas de una manera impactante.

Avancemos rápido unos cinco anos  a las aplicaciones universitarias y cartas de aceptación. Fue preciso en ese momento cuando recibí el golpe aterrador! Las conversaciones que tanto habíamos tenido se habían convertido en una realidad. Se les abrió puerta para estudiar en las escuelas que tanto anhelaban. Mis hijos empezaron a decir que perseguirían sueños que yo no estaba en condiciones de financiar, decidieron entrar por puertas que yo no podía abrir, seguir un camino que nunca había caminado, y caminar en las aceras que nunca había visto. Siempre pude traer una contribución a sus proyectos, ya sea en cualquier forma (influencia, conexiones, dinero, etc). El simple hecho que yo podia traer algo a la meza me aseguraba de alguna manera, que íbamos en el camino correcto. Si no se podia captar una garantía o no era posible ver una línea de puntos clara, asumía automáticamente que nos habíamos desviado del plan. Hasta ahora, todos los riesgos y los sueños se alentó siempre y cuando yo no me extendiera mucho más allá de mis capacidades, y que no se borrara la visibilidad del horizonte. Lamentablemente ni uno de mis hijos se detuvo en “ensanchar el lugar de sus tiendas” Isaias 54:2.  Estos dos chicos tomaron Dios a su palabra y procedieron a recorrer a través de territorio desconocido. Ellos fueron agresivos a seguir sus sueños. Poco sabían que me iban a arruinar para siempre.

Permítanme compartir con ustedes lo que he encontrado en los escombros y el resultado de estos arranques.   Estas son las cosas que ya no volverán a su estado anterior. Dios destruyó estas fortalezas en mí y estoy siempre agradecida por la  transformación.

Mi vista quedo arruinada:
Dios me enseñaría que ahora no iba ser posible confiar en lo que se ve. De ahora en adelante tendría que confiar en su palabra.   Como se procedió a rescatar lo que el enemigo trató de robar hace generaciones, me enteré de que tenía que confiar en Dios con todo mi corazón. No podía  caminar por vista, pero ahora tenia que caminar por fe. ¡¡¡Cada día!!! Había esos días en que nada a mi alrededor indicaba sostener los planes de Dios, pero sé que mi Dios es “el que llama a las cosas que aún no existen como si ya lo existen” Romanos 4:17. Mi manera de ver las cosas cambio para siempre.

Mi mente estaba en ruinas:
Dios ordenó un funeral para mis tradiciones y mi vieja manera de pensar. Aunque me resisti , tuve que rodar la piedra sobre el sepulcro donde mis pensamientos, temores y los viejos patrones de pensamiento se sepultaron. Dios tuvo que deshacerse de estos elementos. Eran una amenaza que podría desdibujar y obstaculizar la agenda de su Reino y me ordeno “que renovar mi mente.” Romanos 12: 2. Mi vieja manera de hacer las cosas, la resolución de problemas, y las tradiciones ya no podían  ser mis compañeros mientras guío a mis hijos a sus nuevos caminos . No hay uso para ellos en el nuevo lugar que nos lleva Dios.
Mis manos recibieron una nueva asignación:
Las mismas manos que cargaron a estos pequeños, que los acariciaban, y los alimentaba tuvieron que aprender nuevos hábitos. Dios dijo: “Por este momento  no voy a necesitar tus manos en este proyecto… levanta tus manos al cielo y alabame, solamente.” Esto fue tan difícil para mí! Yo sabía que tenía que dejar ir y dejar que Dios diseñara el plan! Había sido fácil soltar otras cosas, otros proyectos, otras peticiones, pero éstos eran mis hijos! Dios me señaló en ese moment a Jocabed, la madre de Moisés. Me mostró como ella soltó la canasta en las aguas infestadas de cocodrilos. Me pude imaginar a Jocabed resistiendo soltar la canasta que contenía el tesoro de su vida, Moises. Dios despego sus dedos del la canasta y le susurró al oído: “Yo me encargo. Es mio.” Ella lo tuvo que soltar y de la misma manera también los solté.
Dios tiene un plan divino para ti, para mi y para nuestros hijos. No te asustes cuando Dios los active en su agenda. No te preocupes cuando sus planes van mas allá de lo que tu puedas manejar or controlar. Mi oración para ti como amiga, hermana, y madre es que permitas que tus hijos, tu cónyuge, o a tu misma, soñar más allá de tus fronteras. Tal vez Dios despertara en ti un poco o mucho, al igual como lo hizo conmigo. Sin embargo, deja que Dios te alinee con su visión, sus proyectos, y su agenda. Nuestras vidas son parte de la grande historia que se escribe hoy. Es un privilegio ser un personaje de potencial y destino en este gran proyecto del Reino. No tengas miedo, Dios se encargara.

Hace unas semanas mi hijo mayor regreso a la Universidad de Cornell en Nueva York y mi hijo menor asistiría la Universidad de Nueva York en la misma ciudad que pensábamos que solamente estábamos visitando. Yo crecí en la frontera y fui de la primera generación que logro graduarse de la escuela secundaria aquí en los estado unidos.  Me emociono cuando veo esta foto tomada hace años, mientras eran solamente unos adolescentes. No tenía idea de lo que Dios movía y sembraba aun en sus corazones allí en esa experiencia. Me gusta pensar que capte ese preciso  momento.


I was told she was severely deformed and wouldn’t make it—- GOD had HIS way!


Twenty two weeks into my pregnancy I received that dreaded call.  After two normal pregnancies and deliveries, my husband and I suffered two pregnancy losses. My third son, Samuel stopped growing at 22 weeks and one year later I miscarried twins at 12 weeks. This was my fifth pregnancy and I was being monitored closely. I was frequently being screened, my blood was drawn, and the doctor kept me at bed rest as much as possible. Nevertheless, that hot July afternoon turned our world upside down, again.

The doctor’s voice on the other end of line sounded strange. By this time we had grown extremely close and he was very attentive to us, as a couple, because of all we had already been through. I could tell his voice was strained and I braced myself for the news. The screening had resulted in devastating news. The baby tested positive for spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and down syndrome. There was no need to run the tests again, he said, he had already made an appointment for me with a perinatal specialist. I needed to  register at the center as soon as possible, there was no time to waste, he urged. He was truly anguished, but he would not be seeing me anymore. I needed special care and attention. As soon as I hung I up the phone, I called my  husband at work. It was impossible to wrap our heads around the situation. We were shocked! Minutes after the phone call, our Pastor showed up at my house with friend from our church. At that moment we declared the enemy defeated. Our church family went into prayer for us.

Soon, I was sitting in front of a nurse at the Perinatal center. They interviewed me about my  health, family history of diseases, and birth defects. I was being prepared for the arduous tests that were about to occur. It would be more than an hour in the ultrasound room. They attempted to prepare me for what I was about to see. The baby, they said, may have severe deformities, and they would be looking at it on a large color screen on the wall. The  nurse read the list of  specifics she was going to be looking at during the screening.

We would start by measuring the neck, I was told. Perhaps this was the least shocking part of all, I thought. As I watched the images on the screen, she explained that babies with down syndrome had a thick neck, she talked softly but I really was not even listening. All I could think about was my baby on the screen. My mind was racing with thoughts of how we were going to cope with the possibility of losing another baby,  I was told that survival rate after birth, was slim, if it made it to a full 40 weeks. Suddenly, she paused the ultrasound machine and told us she needed to get another doctor to come look at the screen. Something was not right. My heart raced wildly. Was the baby already dead? What could be worse? Minutes later a second specialist stepped in and   began to move the ultrasound wand slowly over my belly. I couldn’t decipher a thing on the screen. I wanted to scream. They tried to keep me calm by explaining they were simply checking the baby’s heart. Moments later, they paused the machine and stared at me. “What are you doing here?” Dr. #2 asked. “There is nothing wrong with this baby. Yes, I read the screenings and test results, your history, and all, but what we are seeing on the screen doesn’t make sense. Your baby is fine! Do you want to know the sex of the baby?” she asked, looking at my husband.  “Dad, you are going to have to paint the room pink, because this baby is a girl!” laughed Dr. #2. The doctor continued to show us our PERFECT baby girl on the huge screen in full color. We had just witnessed a miracle. The doctors were also rejoicing and laughing with us. Tears ran down my face, I knew GOD had set this up, another story for HIS glory. Even the doctors and nurses were witnesses to the God winds that changed the atmosphere in that room  instantly. Yes, I was frightened, confused, and trembling, but GOD showed me, once again, that HE is in full control.

“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.…” Psalm 139:13

It was there at the moment, I felt God dancing among us. He took the weapon aimed at our generations and pulverized it. It’s the one thing God loves to do, HE is at work when HE baffles doctors, confuses  scientific explanations, cancels funeral plans, and breathes life back into our dark and deep valleys.

My daughter’s first cries reached heaven above. I am certain the angels rejoiced with us knowing that Jesus had appointed that moment to once again prove that the enemy is beneath our feet. Every time I see my daughter I know  Christ is mighty and powerful to annul all agenda from hell.

In HIS name there is power and by HIS stripe we are healed. Wonderful, wonderful are your marvelous works!

She is a story for HIS glory. God always has the last word.


Osen de Leon




Small prayers don’t impress GOD

Joshua elevated the most outrageous prayer. In the battle he cried out to God to cause the sun stand still. His prayer was rooted in knowing the GOD that brought him to that battle and ignited by his determination to arrive to his destination. Joshua knew GOD could do it so he declared it. Just like that GOD paused, perhaps, the entire galaxy at the word of one man. One man! Let that sink in.  “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the nation avenged itself on its enemies. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.” Joshua 10:13.

God is waiting for HIS children to elevate prayers that move the heavens. He is glorified when we believe HE CAN and HE WILL. Joshua had just had an encounter with Jesus in chapter 5 verse 14. The man he encountered said “I am the commander of the army of the LORD.” Joshua knew ALL of heaven was in position and waiting for him to issue a command. The cross gives us authority and legal access to the throne. Jesus said “ask and it shall be given.” Don’t hold back, elevate your prayer. Lift up your family, your spouse, your children, your finances, your ministry, your health, and your destiny. “Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, whatever you loosen on earth is loosened in heaven.” Matthew 18:18.

No prayer is too small for GOD. Pray RADICAL prayers today.

Osen de Leon

Operation Jochebed


The road was treacherous! I re-staged this picture as proof that we made it! 

 During my last visit to New York city I took the opportunity to re-stage this picture. The scenery has changed. The famous Sam Ash Music store has now changed location and also gone, are a couple of other historical stores we visited back in 2009. It has been a six year journey between then and now. The image of my sons walking this street again brings on a flood of emotions. The first time they walked this street they conceived a dream and a vision only God could produce. I wish I could say the journey to this point was easy and smooth but it wasn’t.

They are now taller and stronger. Their talents and gifts have been planted out of the greenhouse and into the field of real life . Their speech has changed, their eyes have matured, and their strut has a different rhythm. Time has surely played its role.

The journey here was a rough one. Along the road we stumbled upon the stones of humanity and weakness. There were mistakes and decisions that were so epic we nearly almost perished in the valley we fell into. But, like the song says, “we found heaven is LOVE  love swept low.” Isaiah 41:10 says “I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” SURELY,  is the key word! God did not say perhaps, maybe, it depends on ___ (etc. etc.) It says SURELY HE will help us. God’s mercy delivered and rescued us over and over again.

There were thieves and murderers  along the way. I can recall seasons of total pandemonium. There were days that we felt as if all hell had broken loose over us. I looked up to God and literally called to HIM to tell HIM that I could smell hell around me (as if he wasn’t aware). His loving voice said the following— “I am allowing it… It’s time to show the enemy HOW CLOSE I STAND BY… SO THAT THEY KNOW YOU ARE MINE AND I WILL SHELTER YOU.  The Holy spirit pointed to the word “And they shall know that I am the LORD their God” Ex. 29:46. My prayers had always been to divert all wickedness against us, to fight so hard that no evil could come close, but God reminded me of HIS children crossing the Red Sea. He allowed Pharaoh and his army to come dangerously close. So close, that they could feel the ground tremble and quake at the size and power of the enemy’s army and their horses. Right before their eyes, every single oppressor, enemy, abuser, thief and murderer drowned. Sometimes God will allow them to come close so that you will witness their destruction.

At times the journey up the mountain seemed endless. The road was long and seemed to go on forever. We kept climbing, kept going, kept hoping knowing eventually we would reach a resting point. Precious people along the way extended a helping hand, washed our feet, nourished our souls, gave us word, encouraged us and set us on our way. The Lord will surely bless those who have blessed us, just as he promised. (Gen. 12:3) The thieves and murderers along the way showed their face. God taught us to forgive, to press forward and to love anyway. There was no time to stop and seek revenge. God set his heavenly wind to our back and urged us to keep moving.

There was a word I held on to daily. It built a bridge of faith from  the first time I took their picture to now…   Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not see it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert.” —Hold on, read that again and read it slowly…. it says IN THE WILDERNESS…. IN THE DESERT!  Whoa! No wonder! It finally hit me! God shows up in our wilderness and deserts. In our confusion and desolation, in our chaos and our bareness… it is then that HE is glorified! HIS name is exalted in the places where sudden miracles happen. It is here where the Lord breaks down the gates and cuts through the iron bars. (Is. 45:2) In our desert we saw acceptance letters to universities I never dreamed would open a door for my children,  scholarships lined up in to cover the costs, and kingdom people appeared to guide us along. God is definitely doing a new thing. Nothing could be newer than the story HE is writing for these boys.

I can’t tell you how hard I prayed for the storms not to hit us, for evil to keep it’s distance, for chaos to turn away. Yet, I have to say, God allowed it. All along I thought I was protecting my children but little did I know that GOD  wanted to show HIMSELF  to them. It’s one thing, for me and my husband to believe and know that God will come through. I can preach it and say it to my children all day long. It is another thing when GOD decides to walk them through it HIMSELF… As a strong arm in battle, a very present help in times of trouble, they know HIM as Jehova Jireh, Jehova Nissi, and El Shaddai. Their very eyes saw it. They cannot deny that they have seen GOD. The GOD that delivers, rescues, opens doors, destroys the thief, drowns the murderers, and makes a way where there was none.

I pray that as mothers and daughters we continue to fight strong for our homes, for our children and their destinies. Continue to stand on the frontline for our generations. Know and understand that if God does not deviate the storm it is because HE is showing us WHO HE is, and what HE will do! I pray our children will  know GOD personally. We will not settle for a casual relationship with HIM but that they will walk in covenant with HIM.

Blessings in Christ,



Pursuing their dreams ruined me forever!

I was waiting for them at the corner of 48th and 6th St. It appeared that they had just checked one off their bucket list. We were visiting New York city with my parents on a “once in a lifetime” trip six years ago. My two boys had just spent the afternoon in the historical music row on 48th street strumming guitars and testing out keyboards in the music stores. I caught this moment through my lens not realizing the power of that particular moment, until now.

Fast forward to their university applications and acceptance letters, this is where I received the terrifying blow! The conversations became real when my children began to say they would pursue dreams I was not able to fund.  They decided to enter through doors I couldn’t  open, follow a path I had never walked, and walk on sidewalks I had never seen. This is where uncertainty slithered in. If I couldn’t grasp a guarantee or see a clear dotted line, I automatically assumed we had detoured. Up until now, all risks and dreams were encouraged as long as they didn’t stretch me too far beyond my abilities nor blur beyond the visible horizon. Neither one of my sons had mercy, though. These two boys took God to His word and proceeded to tread through unknown territory. They knew we couldn’t make it happen, but GOD could. They were aggressive to follow their dreams. Little did they know they would ruin me forever.

Let me share what I found ruined in the aftermath… these are the things that will no longer return to their previous state. God destroyed these strongholds in me and I am forever glad he did.

  1. My eyes were ruined: My eyes could no longer be trusted. As we proceeded to redeem what the enemy tried to steal generations ago, I learned I had to trust God with all my heart. I could not longer walk by sight but walk by faith. Every day!!! There were those days when nothing around me appeared to support God’s plans, but I know my GOD is “the one that calls the  things that do not yet exist as though they already do.” Romans 4:17
  2. My mind was ruined: God ordered a funeral for my traditions and old way of thinking. Whether I wanted to or not, I had to roll the stone over the sepulcher where my thoughts, fears, and old patterns of thinking were laid. God had to rid me of these elements. They were a threat that could blur and hinder the agenda for His Kingdom and he ordered me to renew my mind. Romans 12:2. My old way of doing things, solving problems, and traditions were no longer fit for the new place He was taking us to.
  3. My hands were given a new assignment: The very same hands that carried and fed these boys were now told to change jobs. God said, “Lift up your hands and praise me…I will no longer need your hands on this one… I got this.” This was so new and so raw to me! I knew I had to let go and let GOD! It had been easy with other things, other projects, other petitions, but these were my boys! God pointed me to Jochebed, Moses’ mom. She let go of the basket in the crocodile infested waters. God pried her fingers loose from the vessel and whispered in her ear, “I got this.” She had to let go and so did I.

My prayer for you as a friend, sister, and mother is that you allow yourself, your children and your spouse to dream beyond their boundaries. Maybe God will stir you up a bit or a lot like he did me. Nevertheless, let God align you and them with His vision, His projects, and His agenda. He’s got this!

In a few short days, my oldest will be returning to Cornell University in upstate New York and my younger son will be starting at New York University in the very city we thought we were just visiting and passing through. This small town mom that grew up on the border and became the first to graduate from high school, never expected God to take them that high.  I get chills when I look at this picture taken years ago while they were in middle school. I had no idea what God was stirring up and sowing in their hearts. I like to think that I captured that very moment.


Let your gaze reflect the splendor and majesty of the LION that walks beside you!

As women we are invited to live in the majesty and splendor of the LION’s presence. Jesus is the Lion of Judah who conquered death and gave us victory. His power and strength is transmitted unto us and we are entrusted to pass it on to our children. Imagine that! We are trusted with heaven’s splendor, majesty and strength. The LION trusts  the Lioness with his seed and his heirs. It is up to us to ensure HIS legacy is passed on to the next generation. We are to reflect his majesty and power as heirs to HIS kingdom. Yes, we are heirs to God’s kingdom! (Romans 8:17)

The gaze of the lioness reflects the strength and majesty of the LION that walks beside her. In this journey we will face challenges, thieves, dark valleys, and challenging winds but know that the LION walks beside us. Every lesser beast trembles in the presence of the LION. Although the attacks of the enemy may draw near you, your household, or  your children, fear not for the LION of JUDAH has overcome (Rev. 5:5). No weapon formed against you, your spouse, your children, and your destiny will prosper. (Isaiah 54:7). I am convinced there is no better place to raise our children and build our households than under the watchful eye of the LION (Psalm 127:7). Personally, I have had the devil at my heels (story for a later post) but I know that God allowed it only to show him he has overstepped into HIS territory and to remind him who is in charge of my story. Once the LION roars. the enemy flees. As for me, I choose to walk in the company of a LION! Jesus the LION of Judah!